things that represent me

hello reader, my name is Suhani Lotlikar and here are a few things from around that can express who i am.

The books: a book creates curiosity in the mind of the reader. the cover sometimes turns out to be totally different than the content inside it. similarly as a person people tend to judge me as unfriendly and rude at time but later after some conversations they tell me that I’m nothing like they had thought and that i seem very friendly and helpful.


the laces: just as every lace has a different pattern each, they not only add color to masterpieces of designer clothing but also add a sense of completion. i am too determined to add the same qualities to the fashion world.


the clay: with the clay i wish to depict my quality of easy adaptability to any kind of change in specific environment. it moulds just enough to fit the change but never changes its basic texture.


the pearls and fur: the pearls express the clarity of my personality as well they show that i love things classy. the fur adds up with classic simplicity to me and yes the combination sure does creates wonders.


the palette: a palette is a thing that belongs to an artist willing to dance with colors. the plain standard white color of a palette expresses my transparency and capability to hold within as many colors and thoughts as required to splash out as and when the right time comes.IMG_2665

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