words to myself

In this exercise we were asked to select certain words that show case our qualities. further we were required to understand and remember the first time realization of the feeling of having the quality.

so before i started to write down the words, i penned a mind map to make myself a little more self aware.


now, i narrowed down to a set of eight words that describe me.

  1. adaptive- it is really scary for a lot of people to be going to college leaving behind  years of friendships with school mates and knowing that they will have to make new friends. similarly i was pretty nervous initially but eventually i was able to connect a fair number of vivid people coming from different back grounds and making my squad. i had to adapt to some of their choices and likes, dislikes and surprisingly i did it quite comfortably.
  2. helpful/ selfless- well i do not remember the first time i realized i was helpful but i do remember some instances where i have been helpful not only towards friends but also strangers. i have gone out of way to help people because i feel everyone deserves to get done the activity they are striving for and are unable to achieve themselves.
  3. audacious- the first time i sat on an Enfield i felt a kind of connection. i googled the systems of the bike and kick started it myself and learnt the basic gear systems all  by myself only because it seemed interesting. so i realized my passion about riding through the connection i felt to that stock machine that very day. now i am in an official group of 40 riders who ride into endless roads to find the limit of how far we can go to test our bravery.
  4. centralized- centralized for me could be both as the quality of a leader and as being focused. the day i received the criteria for ISDI entrance examinations i started my work on the rough sheets. i used to zoned out and out myself in the most inspirational places around me to find out what really could make a difference. each piece i presented came from a fir and clear idea of nothing belonging to the type i had sketched or painted before.
  5.  optimist- i am the kind of person who sees the glass half full. when i was in school, during the last few months of class 10th, there was a huge misunderstanding between me and my best friends. so when the school ended i had no friends to hang out with during the vacations. i didn’t let myself get upset and i stepped out to make new connections. newer connections had too heard of my problem with the school friends but i never let them down while explaining new friends the situation and reasons of the fight. i got through that whole phase by letting myself know “happens to the best of us.”
  6. vocal- having an open mind, i often make sure to let the audience know that i have a voice. i speak out my views clearly and do not hesitate to share my thought. the first time i realized that i was vocal was when the 9th grade history teacher wouldn’t answer to one of my timeline doubts. for some unwanted reason he tried to avoid the question by requisitioning me if i were saying any kind of attention to the class. in response to his question i proved to him that the class had my undivided attention by telling him exactly the part of the chapter running on.
  7. companionable- i am a very social person. i interact with strangers without hesitation with the help of a little painless humor. but having a lot of friends means having very less of close friends. i have lost many closer connections due to misunderstandings and problems. so i do realize how it feels to be left alone. hence i interact with many people who are scared and nervous to socialize.
  8. upscale- i like to dress up according to the specific event. i can totally go from a long day at college to dressing up into traditional outfits for an evening marriage reception. i realized my interest in being stylist when i first attended the fact that i like to shop for design and not for brand. if i want a particular design of a shoe, i check online, into brand stores and with the local vendors as well to get that design. so styling myself head to toe makes me feel better and comfortable within myself.

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