Dorris Lessing… to hear and summarize

dorris lessing was a poet and short story writer. as i just recently discovered her name i started to read about her from which i found out that she was an optimist and had a very different approach to everything around her. her autobiography is named Under my skin.

she has written a variety of books such as Golden notebook and The 5th child. i captured some observations after listening to her audio. she says that she had to think about things that were very grown up to do when she was a child.she was made to read and the only ones she found were in the library of the church i.e. religious books. her soul became stronger as she started to ignore the realization of being sentimental. she remarked the fact that she respects efficiency of people into their own fields and utterly disrespects people who don’t manage their efficiency. when asked by the jockey that why did her writing sound judgmental, she promptly replied that the purpose of books is to define the relationship between you and writing. when she started a book of short stories, after a couple of chapters they felt a little lifeless to her. no period. lessing gave up her job to write as she does not believe in Animal writing: writing done between dead lines. each writer had his own time during the day when he can write with his mind freely. this time may come along with the change in the day light or the appearance of stars of even a single thought. as she writes her stories keeping in mind the memories of her childhood, it feels like pain of drops of blood to her. the misconception about her books are that they are based on women studies. but dorris believed that books are experiences that feel like traps.

literature is a message producer. but the students today say they do not like studying literature. it is because of the commercial way they are taught in. a memory from lessing’s childhood talks about burning down a house even when warned by her father not to play with the matchsticks is mentioned. she concludes by saying the women around her have highly influenced and built the sense of feminism into her. she is an extremely outspoken person and definitely a great read.

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