who am i… the final self awareness.

in my first piece of who am i, i used a futuristic view to describe myself. but in this final essay i am going to use help from the memories of my life to create a better understanding of myself to the readers.


my name is suhani lotlikar. i am a self taught artist inclined towards face sketching and . as i write down this essay i will take you for a walk through the lane of my memories of what defines the person and the personality that i am today.

as far as i can go to remember, i was 6 years old when a wave of illness hit the strongest pillar of my family. being the younger child, it was really difficult to catch up with the fast changing financial and emotional situations around me. me and my sister would be left alone at home a lot of times when mother would be busy taking care of dad. so the sense of independence and self reliance was built into me then and there.

being transferred into a government girls high school, making friends was not really something i was good at. i never really finished any of my plain white pages at school as there wasn’t really much attention paid to all students in the art class. when i stepped into college i decided to break my stereotype and make friends with almost everyone there. the college gave out lot of opportunities to compete in fine arts which built my confidence of falling into design.

the royal enfield machine was the first design that caught my artist  eye and fueled my skills to gush out onto the papers. so i started to paint and learn the logics of riding a bike simultaneously. i found myself a passion and a field of interest at the same time. further more to specialize into design, i entered into ISDI. and to finesse my riding skills, i entered into a rider’s club called The Iron Wheels Bullet Club.

now that I’ve found ,my passion and interest in life, my goal is to excel in both of them and bring about a change for good.

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