who am i.. the process of self awareness

in the fist class of integrated seminar we were asked to write an essay on “who am i”. at first i thought it was a really easy exercise but as i stepped into the process of writing it down, i realized a lot of self unawareness. so i mind mapped myself and narrowed down to this description.



my name is suhani lotlikar and i am a self-taught artist. i like to indulge into making face sketches and object painting. i am 18 years old and my passion is to ride.
leaving out this textbook information, who am i really?

i think of myself as someone who being a part of the artist clan, wishes to bring about a notable change into the field of literary arts. i am someone who wants to create something that will change the directions and dimensions of the history of art. i wish to use my skills to provide to the under provided and unprivileged. so slow and steady i am working towards my share of making tomorrow better for everyone. i might not be doing the best for now but there will be a day where my works will inspire people to do good for no reason and not let their minds be the house of the evil.

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