Fort 400 001.

“You saw inside yourself, it is time to see outside.” We stepped into the second half of the semester keeping in mind a bigger picture.

MUMBAI.. need i say anymore? City of dreams, they say as i laugh a little inside thinking how can you compress such a huge marvel into three words. Further ahead we were put into groups of four and give a specific market place to research on. We got the biggest wholesale and retail stationery market of Mumbai- The Bora Bazaar.img_4091

I had only heard or barely passed this part of the city in a car but had never actually experienced it. As we took the train from Elphinstone station to Churchgate, I wondered what more could excite us young designers than a market full of stationery.

I walked through the bazaar for the first hour, only sensing things with my hands. The ground, walls of houses, items at various stores, papers, paint brushes, etc. all of it. I had already eyed some good spots to stand sketch at as it was very sunny.


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