Bombay and Bazaars

As we begin with our second week of exploring the market, I realized the walls of houses here held a lot more of a historic significance  than we knew.

Yes, I realized I never paid attention to the smaller but important details of the things that existed inside a market. With this ‘Designer’s acknowledging perspective’ I walked through the street of Bora Bazaar. I was assigned the sense of Touch. So I recorded every detail i managed to touch and feel around the market.


I have always thought of being born into the city of dreams as a privilege and to discover the cores of this land is like adding a chapter to my life. The city has flooded me with numerous emotions throughout  my 18 years be it a heartbreak by the dark events of terrorism or be it nirvana looking at the marvelous Queen’s necklace. So here was my chance in the class of integrative seminar and studio to explore just another part of the city and it’s heritage. Fort, 400 001- what could be better than studying the part of my Mumbai where it’s existence and importance was planned on mere sheets of ‘papers’. As we entered into the Bazar, the rusted gate of a building marked to be standing since 1857 excited me. The overused Short building entranced made of blocks of stones were chipped and holed deeply. Further, the thick skinned cattle and Zari embroidered ‘chunnis’ created a sense of presence of a temple. Now, i stepped into the most renowned and famous store at the bazaar- how could the range of colors and textures not astound a design student such as me? the difference in each sample’s GSM could be told by their arrangement into swatch books. The impossible task of leaving behind the softest, finest squirrel hair brushes was yet achieved. The texture of metallic, satin, jute, gloss, ivory, watercolor and a hundred more papers created curiosity among us to know where they were produced and furnished. beautiful wooden frames carved with delicate and intricate details were found too. To narrow down this whole experience within a sentence, the Bora Bazaar marks the reclaimation of Bombay into Mumbai. It is a place to experience the transformation of forest lands into concrete jungles in the name of development. And this whole view of urbanization is named- City of dreams.

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