Bora Bazaar process and final.

The integrative seminar project 2 made us experience a space like never before. The monotony of the place became a thing of intrigue when we focused our attention to only one of the senses each. As we walked in more and more, we unravelled new shops and made friends with new people. We interviewed people concerned with some of the most well-known shops over there. The bazaar is dominated by the Bohras, it’s obvious enough from the name.

We interviewed two very amicable Bohras,Mr. Shabbir Hoshin , who very enthusiastically told us about his business, and Mr. Saifee Arsiwala, who told us proudly some interesting facts about the community.

We gathered the information we got in the form of a book printed on metallic paper for awesome paper- that’s what Bora Bazaar is all about. Initially, we had been scratching our heads for a long time about the name of this book. We finalised ‘BORA’ ..for, you know, that’s our subject and it creates an intrigue. This is the cover page of our book and it is inspired from the carvigs that are inside the bohra mosques.


To improve this book aesthetically, we even added a photograph in the margin. We added our write-ups of the ‘exclusive sense experience’.

We clicked dozens of photos over there, but only the best ones made it inside the box at the end of the book as our photo essay. The box symbolised storage. Each shop at the bazaar has areas for storage. So why not present this fact in our compilation.

Though dominated by the Bohras, the bazzar stands as a symbol of ethnicity as it has diverse religious structures and population, but the bazaar stands united and as a whole. This is similar to a jigsaw puzzle where each piece is unique, but when various pieces are united, they make much more sense. Using this analogy, we presented our map of the bazaar in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. Also, we added a video featuring the photos and videos of the bazaar.


The whole project could be summed up in these 4 keywords-

400001- The bazaar begins with this unique pin code

Threshold- The beginning of entering into a paper wonderland

Metamorphosis- exteriorly, bazaar may appear dull and monotonous but shows a drastic change to colours and textures of paper when a shop is entered into.

Perspective- For the lanes stretch far and it seems that the view will taper into a point

We really learnt a new perspective of looking at a place because of the project.

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