Mapping Bora.

After sketching almost 30 sketches of Bora bazar, experiencing it through a particular sense, we were asked to map it. Map it how? By using the actual maps? No! We had to make a map of our own, what we experienced and what were the important things/shops in that market. As Bora is a stationery market we decided to pick 4 stationery/printing shops and a Hindu and Jain temple.

We interviewed the workers of these shops and learnt about their trade, history and products which made it easier for us to depict these shops and their experience in our map. We had to use things that we collected or bought from that bazar. We got lots of sample paper, Color cartridge paper, file card, stationery, dandiya, etc.

We started off by mind mapping, we jot down all the words that came to our mind which described the whole place. We also took help from our sketches that we made while visiting the market.


Finally, we decided to make the map on a carpet as it looks like the road and as we got a sample carpet from a carpet shop in Bora. We decided to show the shops as books because it is a stationery market. We also attached thread to the book covers and joined those threads to dandiyas so when you pull, all the book covers(shops) will open at a time everything inside will pop out, this is also to show that the bazar open at a particular time in the morning.



We have used a lot of waste materials that we got from the market, for example this street sign is made from a pen refill and an ID card holder.

This is the bazar gate, an important aspect of the bazar as it is there since our independence day. We have used the quilling technique to show the gate as it is graceful and has a lot of importance.


To start with the market we have the most important shop in the market called the Sunpapers, now as the name suggests they sell papers. They have all types of paper from metallic paper to texture paper. The next is a Hindu temple depicted by the things that are used the most like dhup, coconuts and limbu mirchi (something that we use to keep the evil away). Next is India Stationery mart, the shop is actually really tiny but you will find the world of stationery here.


Then there was a jain temple which is depicted by chalk. How you ask? Well marble is used primarily in the jain temple and the BASIC chemical formula for chalk and marble is the same that is CACO3. Moving on we come to the trophy shop, it’s a small shop with amazing trophies. Here the trophies are made out of foam. At last is the printing shop where they print receipts and bills, we have just stacked them on each other.


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