What makes a city

As we begin with the first class of integrative seminar in the 2nd semester at ISDI, we started to talk about on what of my favourite subject CITIES. In order to understand the same we were asked to note down what according to us was a city.

15 things that form a city:









wants, wishes, dreams


organised chaos

We now started to discuss what every individuals points were and found a lot of common views. When the point of traditions popped up, I expressed that religion fell under tradition when it comes to a city. To discuss this further we talked about the Pathare  Prabhus. A peer talked about the tradition of Gara embroidery among the Parsis. To this, the faculty informed us that it originated in China and was further adapted by the Parsi women as it was difficult to import it regularly at that time.

We talked about how a tradition stops at a point in time and is not further innovated. We looked more into the ways of understanding cities through the book INVISIBLE CITIES by Calvino.


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