Fashion through my city

In the third class we began to discuss the 14 elements that each one of us had observed throughout the week in our daily lives. These elements were the ones that are related to the discipline we plan to choose. The elements I noted through out the week are:


Fit of clothes according to body structures

Riding gear

Fashion Magazines



Celebrity trend updates


Winter wear

Waist lines

Etiquette of fashion

Earring patterns

Phone covers


Further I chose five most important elements out of this and put them into a chart of hierarchy.


We talked about our chosen element (VOGUE COVERS) and the factors that built it. The research criteria discussed in studio class was based on the interior factors of the same such as fonts, 3/4th picture view, etc. So here I was required to think about the exteriors I.e. Vogue cover designers, printing method, paper quality and so on. Within this criteria I specifically want to talk about Dagmer, the last illustrator of Vogue covers. Whereas, I also want to concentrate on how Vogue covers talk about fashion at all ages, in all sizes and shapes, for all genders.

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