Lights and Air

Being sustainable and keeping up with pacing development is a tough job. The objective of this project was to find solutions to the problems faced inside the campus. We were allotted with the problem of Air conditioner being too chilly and the passage being too lit. To solve the same we have created a web series named Air Benders.


  • The lighting at ISDI has a very questionable setup. It made me think: “Do we really need as many?” The passage is lit with criss-crossed tube lights. Classes that line the border of the floors have pull-string blinds.
  • The campus of ISDI being located inside the co-operate building of India-bulls, Lower Parel has centralized air conditioning systems. This system does not provide temperature regulators to every room in the building. The rooms closer to the end duct end up being more chilled than the ones near the lift lobby.

So we have tried to display and solve these problems with our comedy web series. Link below:




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