Alice and me

seminar class has always been about giving words to what is inside the mind. to use better quality words and express thoughts and ideas in the best way possible, review of literature is of utmost importance.

so today, we reviewed the classic known to all by Lewis Carol: Alice in Wonderland. as we read through its paragraphs, the personality of Alice began to portray in front of me.


she seemed to act like two different persons where she talks to the other ‘her’ and the other Alice corrects herself to not make mistakes. now that i reflect upon this activity, i think to some extend in our lives we all tend to talk to ourselves and try and reduce mistakes by self correcting. this helps in the betterment of one’s personality. for people like me who do not like to be set right by others opinions always prefer this way of correction to reduce negative views to our work and routine.

we will be reviewing various such books further ahead too. for now, ‘Alice’ helped me in the writing of my artist statement for the headgear.

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